Syncope and sudden death in student athletes Part 2 – EMS 12-Lead podcast Episode #2

EMS 12-Lead podcast – Episode #2 – Syncope and sudden death in student athletes Part 2

In this episode Tom Bouthillet and David Baumrind are joined by Trudie Lobban of STARS (Syncope Trust And Reflex anoxic Seizures) — a not-for-profit organization that works together with individuals, families and medical professionals to offer support and information about unexplained loss of consciousness (syncope).

Trudie Lobban
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To learn more about STARS see the following links:

Syncope Trust And Reflex anoxic Seizures (STARS) – International 

Syncope Trust And Reflex anoxic Seizures (STARS) – U.S.

Syncope Trust And Reflex anoxic Seizures (STARS) – International on Facebook

Syncope Trust And Reflex anoxic Seizures (STARS) – U.S. on Facebook

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  • VinceD says:

    Good discussion, but personally I'm still not on board for the use of general ECG screenings in patients without risk factors.
    A big question I have is just who will be reading the millions of ECGs that are performed across the country, as there most certainly are not enough electrophysiologists around and even pediatric cardiologists have been shown to have insufficient accuracy in this limited study ( I can't imagine an adult cardiologist, emergency physician, or general practitioner looking to make some income on the side would fare better. Plus, the responsibility of shifting through at least a few hundred ECGs beloning to local pediatric athletes (two independent groups with difficult ECGs to interpret, let alone combined) to find the one with a fatal predisposition for cardiac arrest doesn't sound all that appealing to me, knowing that when one inevitably dies the hindsight of an expert witness will be judging whether you were respoonsible for missing what are often subtle and subjective signs.
    It's a topic where it is easy for emotion and headlines to affect decision making, but when a policy will be affecting millions of people and costing even more millions of dollars, rationality should really be the guiding force.

  • I've wondered if there is a role for "Web 2.0" (as a software engineer I die a little inside when I hear/use buzzwords like that) in a problem like this. Why not crowdsource (there it is again) the reading of the 12-Leads?

    Identify a pool of experienced electrocardiographers, probably through an online test with annual competencies, and have them evaluate some random subset of 12-Leads. If some threshold is met have a notification sent to the personnal physician of the patient to take a closer look at the ECG or request referral/follow-up.

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59 Year Old Male: Unwell
We cant jump so quickly at shocking this patient. It is a fast irregular rhythm, with ST depression in your inferior leads, and elevation 1, aVL, V1-V5. YOU HAVE TO CONSIDER, IS HIS TACHYCARDIA CAUSING HIS PROBLEM, OR IS HIS PROBLEM CAUSING THE TACHYCARDIA. He is in cardiogenic shock. If you attempt to slow down…
2015-06-30 23:11:20
59 Year Old Male: Unwell
Am very happy that my job is to get this guy to y'all!!! And why I think I will stay a basic emt, with some endorsements!!! Will learn how to put the leads on pt, recognized what is bad versus very bad, and of course what is good...... .
2015-06-30 23:06:47
59 Year Old Male: Unwell
would u give rate controlling meds for someone in shock? electricity is painful but if used correctly , ie synch the defibrillator, it is safer than meds because it is short duration nd can be controlled. Not saying I woukd try to control his rate however. I think his rate is secondary to anxiety, shock,…
2015-06-30 22:41:12
59 Year Old Male: Unwell
yes, it is good to be knowledgeable and think though this but we can easily over think it, too. Dont look for zebras in a herd of horses, leave that to expert consultation once all the more likely things have been ruled out. Also, in the field with a pt like this, you really on…
2015-06-30 22:24:58
59 Year Old Male: Unwell
oh yeah and also anter stemi. these scenerios are a good learning tool but really do not equate to actually being on scene with this pt. remember this guy is relatively young and has no medical hx or takes meds. he does not have a hx of chf but his symptoms started 8 hrs prior.…
2015-06-30 22:21:12

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