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The 12 Rhythms of Christmas: Paroxysmal AV-Block

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This article is the ninth in our latest series, The 12 Rhythms of Christmas, where we examine a different rhythm disorder with each new post. It’s a continuation of the theme behind last year’s 12 Leads of Christmas. And, just like last year’s series, I’m rather late getting the final articles out, but the end […]

70s male with “seizures” proves to be incessant arrhythmias with multiple ICD shocks

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EMS is called to the residence of a 71 year old male for “seizures.” On arrival the patient’s spouse meets the ambulance outside and hurries the paramedics along saying “Come quickly! Please help him!” The paramedics arrive at the patient’s side just in time to see him receive an ICD shock. They ask how long […]