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Episode #8 – Jim Broselow, M.D. and the Artemis Pediatric Initiative – EMS 12-Lead podcast

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EMS 12-Lead podcast – Episode #8 – Jim Broselow, M.D.  In this episode of the EMS 12-Lead podcast we're joined by Jim Broselow, M.D., inventor of the Broselow Tape for pediatric resuscitation. We discuss the Broselow Tape as well as, the Artemis Pediatric System and the SafeDose app. If you've been in EMS for […]

STEMI Recognition: Beyond the Basics – Register now!

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Coming soon! Register now for "STEMI Recognition: Beyond the Basics".  August 16, 2012 @ 2:00 p.m. (14:00) EST. Sponsored by Physio Control (thank you).  Direct link for registration is here.

EMS 12-Lead Podcast Episode #7 – PulsePoint

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  EMS 12-Lead Podcast – Episode #7 – PulsePoint In this episode of the EMS 12-Lead podcast we're joined by Richard Price of the PulsePoint Foundation. If you're not familiar with PulsePoint it used to be referred to as the San Ramon Valley Fire Department app. Richard Price PulsePoint Foundation Fire Chief, San Ramon Valley […]

65 year old male CC: Fall with injury – Conclusion

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This is the conclusion to 65 year old male CC: Fall with injury. You may wish to review the history and clinical presentation. When we left off the patient was in severe heart failure with the following 12-lead ECG. As we have mentioned before on several occasions, the most important thing when treating a patient […]

65 year old male CC: Fall with injury

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Here's a very interesting case submitted by a faithful reader who wishes to remain anonymous. Some changes have been made to preserve patient confidentiality. EMS is called to a local breakfast restaurant for a 65 year old male who fell in the parking lot. He was reported to have suffered a head injury. On arrival […]

Physio-Control demos how to incorporate the LUCAS into a "pit crew" approach to resuscitation

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Cam Pollock and John Friederich from Physio-Control put on a demonstration for us at Fire-Rescue Med 2012 to show how the LUCAS Chest Compression System can be incorporated into a "pic crew" concept for CPR and resuscitation. As you will see the application of the LUCAS device need not cause a significant delay in chest […]

Must-watch video of cardiac arrest save!

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This is an outstanding video that shows clips of an actual resuscitation and features a sudden cardiac arrest survivor. It's important to collect data so we can measure our progress and prove that we are saving lives, but as we build these systems of care we must always remember that these are our mothers, fathers, […]

Episode 3 of the Code STEMI Web Series – Dearborn, Michigan

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Click HERE See also: Episode 1: Rural STEMI sytem of care – Sioux Falls, SD Episode 2: Understanding STEMI from the ground, up – RACE Program, NC

69 year old female CC: Shortness of breath, weakness

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Here's a case submitted by a faithful reader who wishes to remain anonymous. He has submitted several cases before and they are always excellent so thank you, Mr. Anonymous!  EMS is called to the residence of a 69 year old female who is complaining of sudden onset of shortness of breath and weakness. Past medical […]

The "Save a Life" Simulator by the HeartRescue Project

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Click HERE to check it out! Kudos to the HeartRescue Project for developing this "Save a Life" Simulator! This should go a long way toward preparing lay bystanders for the "shocking" reality of encountering a sudden cardiac arrest in the community. I think this is an excellent tool to leverage through social media so be […]

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