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Pulmonary Pressures and ECG Patterns

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Ok, so we understand the basics of our Cardiopulmonary System for the most part, at least most of us reading this. But, if you don’t, DON’T WORRY, we can break it down in a few simple steps… Here we  go!!! The Right Ventricle (RV) pumps blood to the lungs via the Main Pulmonary Artery Trunk which […]

Understanding Digoxin

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 Most of us have heard of, or encountered a patient taking Digoxin at some point in our careers. But, do we understand what it is and how it affects our patient?  Digoxin (Lanoxin), is a Cardiac Glycoside, derived from the foxglove plant, Digitalis. This medication is often seen in the pre-hospital setting, used for the […]