Education & Consulting

Tom Bouthillet is available for education and consulting.

Classes or pre-conference workshops:

  • 8-hour basic 12-lead ECG class (1 day)
  • 16-hour advanced 12-lead ECG class (2 days)
  • 24-hour comprehensive 12-lead ECG class (3 days)

Breakout sessions can be customized to your needs.

Recommended topics:

  • How to establish a regional STEMI system
  • Prehospital notification of acute STEMI – what are the options?
  • Cardiac axis determination – what can it tell you?
  • How to distinguish acute STEMI from the STE-mimics
  • Bundle branch blocks – new or old? (Does this patient need a cath lab?)
  • Differential diagnosis of tachycardias – first do no harm!

Tom Bouthillet has taught ECG interpretation to physicists, engineers, computer programmers, and other non-medical professionals in the biotechnology and medical device industry He has assisted with product testing, participated in animal studies, provided guidance in dealings with the FDA, and offered valuable feedback for the improvement of medical devices and services.

Medical-legal or expert witness consulting:

Tom Bouthillet is available as a medical-legal consultant or expert witness. Areas of expertise include the prehospital treatment of acute coronary syndromes, sudden cardiac arrest, refusals of care, advanced airway management, risk management, patient safety, and continuing quality improvement.

Contact: 843-247-3453 (cell) or for rates and scheduling.


  • jonathon strong says:

    I have a question from an educator, supervisor and provider stand point. I have been teaching 12 leads now for approximately 7 years and ran into a particular situation and wanted some input. The case involved an approx 48 y/o male presenting @ a doctor’s office with constant chest pain x 24 hours unrelieved by ntg. His doctor completed a 12 lead revealing some concerns of the anterior leads v2 and v3; both showing an approx. 1 mm elevation. I completed another 12 lead when I arrived plus additional ones during the course of transport each revealing the same 1mm elevation with the addition of hyperelevated t-waves in the same leads. The LPK-15 did not acknowledge a ***Suspected***; however, I called for a STEMI alert and when I got to the hospital, then downgraded it with the nurse stating the ER doctor didn’t see anything which was immediate. The next day, I found out, the pt went for a stent placement and during the cath decided the damage was too severe and the following day he had a quadruple by-pass.
    What Im looking for is why would this had been downgraded? Im concern with the people I teach and their confidence. I’m trying to develope their confidence and this would have confused some for the downgrade. Im not questioning the doctor, just trying to get an understanding.

    Thank you so much for your time.

  • H Wilt says:

    "The damage" may not have been acute. He likely had chronic calcification within several coronary arteries.  Did he have an elevated troponin?  Finally, one would suspect that an active MI with this extensive disease would probably manifest as substantial ST elevation in a more definitive pattern besides to isolated precordial leads 

  • Dave Browning says:

    Can anyone recommend a 12-lead interpretation exercise program that displays 12-lead examples in a prehospital monitor's (Zoll or Physio) read-out format.  I wanted to purchase something that we could place on our intranet that our personnel could use for interpretation practice that would score and help them improve on speed and accuracy.

  • Dave, You should check out the 12-Lead ECG Challenge app I created with Limmer Creative. Check the side bar of It's available for Apple iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, or as a web-based program. Good luck!

  • Ken Nelson, Project Researcher says:

    Have a solution for transmitting 12 lead CAH in rural area with limited cell phone coverage. We ae starting the discussion in our service area in north central Wyoming.  Approx. 60% of our response has no coverage.  Our monitor's are bluetooth capable where we can get to coverage.  Are you aware of anyone using the 800Mhz radio systems successfully for the necessary data transmssion.  Tower infrastructure is already in place statewide.  

  • Terri Rieke says:

    Can you give me the information pertaining to this class? I am a critical care educator in SC and I need a good redresher in advanced ECG.
    *16-hour advanced 12-lead ECG class (2 days)

  • Charlie Tabano says:

    Any suggestions for the best 12 lead/dysrhythmia text to recommend for paramedic students?

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