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Understanding ECG Filtering

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A common problem in ECG interpretation is the removal of unwanted artifact and noise. To help with this our cardiac monitors provide a means to filter the ECG recording.  Most cardiac monitors will choose the appropriate filter based on the situation. When performing routine monitoring, where only the cardiac rhythm is important, the filters applied […]

74 Year Old Male: Chest Discomfort

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  It’s a sunny winter afternoon when you and your partner are called to a local doctor’s office for an “adult male- possible heart”. When you arrive, you are led into room #3 where you find a 74 year old male, in no apparent distress. His color looks good. You introduce yourself, and find out […]

All that wiggles isn’t Wellens’

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   This is the discussion for our Snapshot Case involving a 45 year old female complaining of chest pain. Here is the 12 lead for review:                           There is sinus rhythm at about 75 bpm, with a slightly leftward axis. Slight ST elevation […]


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 On a Thurday morning, approximately 02:15 hrs, in a small rural town, your EMS unit is dispatched to a residence for an 87 year old male with difficutly breathing.   You arrive on scene before the fire engine and enter the residence. Upon entering the bedroom, you find an elderly male, sitting on the edge of the bed, vomiting. He is […]

Snapshot Case: 45 Year Old Female–Chest Pain

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  Here is the latest from our "Snapshot" case collection..  This ECG was taken from a 45 year old female patient who had "off and on" chest pain for about 24 hours. The discomfort radiated to her left arm, and she complained of some "dizziness".  She denies any associated SOB, or N/V.  The discomfort worsened over […]


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    Ok, so we understand the basics of our Cardiopulmonary System for the most part, at least most of us reading this.  But, if you don’t, DON’T WORRY, we can break it down in a few simple steps, so… Here ya go!!!   The Right Ventricle (RV) pumps blood to the lungs via the Main Pulmonary […]

63 Year Old Female, CC: Neck and Arm Pain–Discussion

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  This is the discussion for our recent case 63 Year Old Female, CC: Neck and Arm Pain. Let's revisit the 12 Lead ECG: There "appears" to be a Sinus Brady rhythm at a rate of about 52 bpm, with a first degree AVB. The rhythm is regular for the first half of the ECG, then […]

68 Year Old Male: Chest Tightness – Part 2

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This is part 2 of a multi-part series examining a 68-year-old male patient who presented with a chief complaint of "chest tightness" and an abnormal ECG. You may want to review the initial description of the patient here. We're going to save the dissection of the ECG's for the next post and continue on with […]

68 Year Old Male: Chest Tightness – Part 1

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A 68-year-old male presents with a chief complaint of chest tightness that started at rest approximately three hours prior and has been constant ever since. He desribes it as a vice-like sensation limited to the central portion of his chest. Nothing makes the pain better or worse and he rates it at about a 6 […]

63 Year Old Female, CC: Neck and Arm Pain

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  Good morning. It's 7:45 am on a sunny winter Monday, and you are just finishing up your holiday shopping list– it is getting down to the wire after all! The tones go off, and you are dispatched to the residence of a 63 year old female, "sick".  You arrive to a well kept two […]

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