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59 year old male: chest pressure – Conclusion

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This is the conclusion to 59 year old male: chest pressure, be sure to read the case study first! When we left off, we’d loaded our 59 year old male patient with 10 of 10 chest pressure into the back of our unit with the help of a local volunteer EMT. The patient appeared acutely […]

47 year old male: Holiday Indigestion – Conclusion

This is the conclusion to 47 year old male: Holiday Indigestion. Thanks go to a long time reader Nicholas Eisele for this holiday case! Editor's Note: sorry for the delay, it helps to press "publish"! When we left off, our patient was in the back of the truck with a burning sensation radiating to his […]

79 year old female CC: Chest pain – Conclusion

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Several of you indicated that you would capture a right-sided 12-lead ECG (or at least modified lead V4R).

53 year old female CC: Chest discomfort and shortness of breath

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Here’s an awesome case submitted by Nathan Stanaway of Grady EMS in Atlanta, GA. The patient is a 53 year old female c/o chest discomfort and mild dyspnea. The pain is described as “severe” and she gives the pain a 10/10. Past medical history is significant for migraine headaches and anxiety. Patient is a poor […]

58 year old male CC: Chest discomfort

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Here’s another case from a faithful reader who wishes to remain anonymous. No, these are not all from the same anonymous reader! EMS responds to a 58 year old male complaining of chest discomfort. Onset: 30 min ago while mopping hot tar on roof Provoke: Nothing makes the pain better or worse Quality: Dull pressure […]

81 year old male CC: "Cold and shaky" – Conclusion

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Here is the update to 81 year old male CC: “Cold and shaky” The patient was sent to the cardiac cath lab where angiography revealed 100% occlusion of the right coronary artery (RCA). A stent was successfully placed and the patient is doing well. Before Balloon inflation After successful stent placement Diagnosis: Acute Inferior ST-Elevation […]

58 year old male CC: chest pain

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EMS is called to the scene of a 58 year old male complaining of chest pain. On arrival, the patient is found tripoding in a chair. He is pale, diaphoretic, and appears acutely ill. He is anxious but alert and oriented to person, place, time and event. Onset: Pain started after carrying luggage up stairs. […]

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