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63 year old male CC: Substernal Chest Pain – Discussion

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This is the discussion for 63 year old male CC: Substernal Chest Pain, brought to you by Dr. Brooks Walsh of Mill Hill Avenue Command and Doc Cottle's Desk. Be sure to review the first part! When we last left off, our patient was a 63 year old male complaining of substernal chest pain which awoke […]

48 year old male CC: chest discomfort, shortness of breath

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Here's an interesting 12 lead ECG that I found on the Lifenet Receiving Station at my receiving hospital. It immediately caught my eye for a couple of different reasons. In the first place, it's an incomplete 12 lead ECG. Lead V1 is missing. This is probably the reason the GE/Marquette 12SL interpretive algorithm is giving […]

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