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HyperK and Shades of Grey: Myths and Facts about Hyperkalemia Part I

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Happy New Year everybody! We start 2013 with a continuation of our discussion about the field treatment of hyperkalemia.  It might be helpful to review the first part of the discussion," HyperK and Shades of Grey" here.  We are fortunate to have as a guest contributor Dr. Brooks Walsh of the Mill Hill Ave Command blog. […]

Top 10 myths about prehospital 12 lead ECGs

A recent thread at JEMS Connect has reminded me how many myths are circulating about prehospital 12 lead ECGs. 1.) If you're close to the hospital, performing a prehospital 12-lead ECG is a waste of precious time. The prehospital 12-lead ECG is an important triage tool. The closest hospital is not necessarily the closest appropriate […]

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