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HyperK and Shades of Grey: Myths and Facts about Hyperkalemia Part II

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Today we continue our discussion about the myths and facts of hyperkalemia with Dr. Brooks Walsh, author of the Mill Hill Ave Command blog. We also feature contributions from Dr. Stephen Smith, of Dr. Smith's ECG Blog. If you would like to refresh your memory on Part I visit here.             […]

HyperK and Shades of Grey: Myths and Facts about Hyperkalemia Part I

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Happy New Year everybody! We start 2013 with a continuation of our discussion about the field treatment of hyperkalemia.  It might be helpful to review the first part of the discussion," HyperK and Shades of Grey" here.  We are fortunate to have as a guest contributor Dr. Brooks Walsh of the Mill Hill Ave Command blog. […]

Hyper-K and Shades of Grey

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Good morning all… It's a beautiful fall Sunday morning, and you and your partner are enjoying an nice cup of coffee. But of course, the tones go off, and you are called to the residence of a 52 year old female, "sick". You recognize the address, you've been there before.  Upon your arrival, you find […]

82 year old male CC: Shortness of breath – Conclusion

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This is the conclusion to 82 year old male CC: Shortness of breath. Let's take another look at the 12-lead ECG. This ECG shows a severe bradycardia. We need to ask a couple of very important questions. Is the patient stable or unstable? The patient is unstable. In fact, the patient is periarrest. We cannot […]

Life-threatening hyperkalemia: do you recognize the ECG signs?

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I received a couple of interesting 12-lead ECGs from a semi-regular contributor.

76 year old female CC: Diminished LOC – Discussion

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Here’s the follow-up to 76 year old female CC: Diminished LOC. Be sure to check out all the awesome comments on the case! Let’s take another look at the 12-lead ECG. There’s something very unusual about this heart rhythm. It’s slow, there are no P-waves, and the QRS complexes are extremely wide (> 200 ms). […]

58 year old male CC: Unconscious – Conclusion

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Here is the conclusion to 58 year old male CC: Unconscious. This was an unusual case with an unfortunate outcome. Let’s look at the heart rhythm again.

41 year old male CC: Chest pain – Answer

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Thank you for all of the excellent comments on this case! I was delighted to see such a high level dialog when I checked my blog this morning. Normally I would to answer each of you individually, but since there are 22 comments (so far) I thought I would try a different strategy and post […]

41 year old male CC: Chest pain

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A 41 year old male is pulled over during morning rush-hour by sheriff’s deputies. He states that he is on his way to the hospital because he is having chest pain. EMS is called to the scene. The patient is awake, alert, and oriented to person, place, time, and event. His skin is pink, warm, […]

Rhythm Challenge #2

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Here’s an interesting rhythm strip that was captured in the days before my EMS system had 12-lead ECG monitors. What do you think? *** Update 01/20/2010 *** Here is the rhythm strip taken on arrival at the hospital. Here is the 12-lead ECG that was captured at the hospital. Does that change anything?

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