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12 Lead ECG – Lead Placement Diagrams

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On October 15, 2008, Lynne left me this comment: I’m an EMT-B that just found your blog. My agency allows EMT-Bs to perform 12-leads prehospital, so that doctors and paramedics at the hospital have a printout to look at. Also, if our monitor sees an Acute MI or something critical going on with the heart, […]

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59 Year Old Male: Unwell
Looks like anterior lateral STEMI with BBB. Possibly LAD infarct. Positive Avr indicative of a Proximal LAD. Clear elevation to high and low lateral leads. I, AVL, V3,4,5,6. Reciprocal inferior ST Depression in II, III and AvF. Tachycardia could be secondary to hypotension, anxiety, pain or tachyarrythmia caused by hypoxic excitation. Descernable P waves, ST…
2015-07-01 16:19:15
Todd Ellingson
59 Year Old Male: Unwell
Being irregular argues against VT, though first glance it does look like that. This is likely afib with aberrancy. One could consider WPW with afib with antidromic conduction down accessory pathway, however WPW is usually dx'd when someone is younger - unlikely to be 59 and not know this. Electrolytes, especially high K, is a…
2015-07-01 16:02:58
Matt King
59 Year Old Male: Unwell
This is A-Fib(irregularly irregular) with aberrancy(RBBB) coupled with a STEMI. There is ST elevation in lead I, avL, v4-v5 with reciprocal changes in II, III, & avF. Taking the assessment into account and PMH, this is not a rate/rhythm issue, this is a dying heart issue. That said I still wouldn't treat the rate or…
2015-07-01 14:45:39
59 Year Old Male: Unwell
Interesting case study. I'm leaning toward an inferior wall MI. For those of you who advised NTG with a systolic of 70, you failed, big time. I'm calling it a STEMI. Oxygen, ASA x324 mg, IV access a call to a PCI telling them what I have, transmit ECG and have the cath lab on…
2015-07-01 14:05:43
John K
59 Year Old Male: Unwell
No one knows they have afib until someone finds it. Never discount the possibility simply because you were the first to DX the condition.
2015-07-01 12:36:01

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