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74 Year Old Male: Chest Discomfort

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  It’s a sunny winter afternoon when you and your partner are called to a local doctor’s office for an “adult male- possible heart”. When you arrive, you are led into room #3 where you find a 74 year old male, in no apparent distress. His color looks good. You introduce yourself, and find out […]

All that wiggles isn’t Wellens’

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   This is the discussion for our Snapshot Case involving a 45 year old female complaining of chest pain. Here is the 12 lead for review:                           There is sinus rhythm at about 75 bpm, with a slightly leftward axis. Slight ST elevation […]

Snapshot Case: 45 Year Old Female–Chest Pain

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  Here is the latest from our "Snapshot" case collection..  This ECG was taken from a 45 year old female patient who had "off and on" chest pain for about 24 hours. The discomfort radiated to her left arm, and she complained of some "dizziness".  She denies any associated SOB, or N/V.  The discomfort worsened over […]

63 Year Old Female, CC: Neck and Arm Pain–Discussion

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  This is the discussion for our recent case 63 Year Old Female, CC: Neck and Arm Pain. Let's revisit the 12 Lead ECG: There "appears" to be a Sinus Brady rhythm at a rate of about 52 bpm, with a first degree AVB. The rhythm is regular for the first half of the ECG, then […]

63 Year Old Female, CC: Neck and Arm Pain

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  Good morning. It's 7:45 am on a sunny winter Monday, and you are just finishing up your holiday shopping list– it is getting down to the wire after all! The tones go off, and you are dispatched to the residence of a 63 year old female, "sick".  You arrive to a well kept two […]

37 Year Old Male- CC: Chest Pain

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This excellent case comes to us from Paramedic Jack Buckle. Thanks Jack! You and your partner are in the middle of a busy shift, when you are dispatched to 37 year old male complaining of chest pain. It's almost 2pm, and a balmy 78 degrees. You arrive to a well kept house and find your […]

77 year old female CC: Abdominal Pain

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It's a quiet Sunday afternoon when you're dispatched to a residence for a 77 year old female complaining of abdominal pain. Your dispatch notes indicates she was at the ED the day prior. Upon your arrival, you're met on the porch by the patient's son who directs you inside. Your patient is sitting in a […]

24 year old male: "Anxiety Attack" – Conclusion

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This is the conclusion to our case 24 year old male: "Anxiety Attack". Be sure to read Part I before the conclusion! When we left off, our providers were on scene with a young man, in custody, who was pale and had a radial pulse too fast to count. A narrow complex tachycardia was present […]

62 year old male: Chest Discomfort – Part II

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This is part two of the three part series, 62 year old male: Chest Discomfort. As before, clinical details have been altered for educational purposes and to protect patient and provider privacy. When we left our patient, he was experiencing the latest in what had become a series of episodes of minor chest pressure. A […]

57 year old male: Chest Discomfort – Conclusion

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This is the conclusion to 57 year old male: Chest Discomfort. We suggest you read the backstory first! We're now in the back of the ambulance with our stubborn 57 year old male with a rapid heart rate. He looks unwell, but is otherwise hemodynamically stable. Our partner is working on a line. Let's review the initial […]

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