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Rhythm Challenge #5 – Answer

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As I explained in Evaluating the Pacemaker Patient – Part I, most modern pacemakers are DDD pacemakers according to the NBG pacemaker code.

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59 Year Old Male: Unwell
Good thinking, Martin! Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing but treat the patient, not the monitor!!
2015-07-01 02:28:23
59 Year Old Male: Unwell
Looks like acute MI and possible aspiration. I say intubate to protect airway and give meds to calm pt and regulate BP with fluids and pressors. Get pt to nearest hospital to stabalize and they can fly him/her to closest Cath lab. Time is life....or death. just do what you know! ABC's...or I guess its…
2015-07-01 02:23:22
59 Year Old Male: Unwell
VT is dead regular (pun intended). This is A-fib with a rapid ventricular response and aberrancy. He feels crappy due to decreased cardiac output and he has SOB due to pulmonary congestion. CPAP is a good choice me thinks.
2015-07-01 01:45:22
59 Year Old Male: Unwell
SVT w/aberrancy treatment w/adenosin otherwise w/amiodarone!! See Brugada criteria
2015-07-01 01:33:51
59 Year Old Male: Unwell
Lead II you got no clue, add a 15 lead to see what else you can find out ....
2015-07-01 00:01:30

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