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Comparing 12-Leads: Discussion

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This is the discussion for Comparing 12-Leads: Common Error or Common Disease? All of our readers were on the right track, and many were spot on! Sometimes, troubleshooting an ECG is more than just lead placement. In this case report, we had three 12-Lead ECG's, all featuring a similar pattern: inappropriate R-wave progression. Initially, when […]

The Transition, R-Wave Progression, R/S Ratio in Leads V1-V2

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We covered the first 6 leads of the 12 lead ECG in the 6-part tutorial on axis determination, so it’s time to discuss the precordial leads (V1-V6). These are the unipolar leads that are placed directly on the patient’s chest. The heart is a 3-dimensional object, and calculating the heart’s electrical axis in the frontal […]