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Right Bundle Branch Block – Part 1

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How do you identify right bundle branch block (RBBB)¬†on the 12 lead ECG? Most of us were told to look for “bunny ears” or to use the “turn signal” method but all you really need for the ECG diagnosis of RBBB are the following: Supraventricular rhythm QRS duration equal or greater than 120 ms (0.12 […]

Identifying STEMI in the presence of LBBB – Sgarbossa's Criteria – Part I

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There has been a lot of discussion lately about identifying AMI in the presence of LBBB (see Dr. Bearemy’s “My Emergency Medicine Blog” here and a recent thread on the EKG Club). I’ve also been receiving a lot of emails offlist, so I think a full discussion is in order. In my recent post Who […]