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The Trouble with Sinus Tachycardia

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  Sometimes recognizing sinus tachycardia can give us fits. What? Sinus tachycardia? One of the most basic rhythms? The discussion that follows will highlight some of the difficulties sinus tach can present at high rates. The pitfalls of using the generalized term "SVT" will also be discussed. This discussion is not meant to imply that […]

24 year old male: "Anxiety Attack" – Conclusion

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This is the conclusion to our case 24 year old male: "Anxiety Attack". Be sure to read Part I before the conclusion! When we left off, our providers were on scene with a young man, in custody, who was pale and had a radial pulse too fast to count. A narrow complex tachycardia was present […]

52 year old male CC: Seizure – Discussion

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This is the discussion for 52 year old male CC: Seizure. Be sure to check out the backstory! We had lots of great comments for this case, and as always many of you were right on target. Let's take a look at the initial 12-Lead: We have a narrow complex tachycardia at 180 bpm, with […]

83 year old male CC: "Cardiac patient in distress" – Conclusion

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This is the conclusion to 83 year old male CC: "Cardiac patient in distress". You may wish to check out the previous post for details about the patient's clinical presentation. Let's take another look at the 12-lead ECG. This ECG shows a regular narrow complex tachycardia at a rate of 170. Could it be sinus […]

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